Link CAN Keypad 12 Button - 101-0239 - Link ECU

Link CAN Keypad 12 Button - 101-0239
Link ECU

Rugged 12 key CAN Keypad with interchangeable 15mm inserts

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  • Description

    Rugged 12 key CAN Keypad with interchangeable 15mm inserts (sold separately).

    Custom button inserts and configurable RGB indicator rings per button allow for extremely flexible set-ups.

    The keypad is designed for ultimate reliability - IP67/IP69K water and dust resistant, -40 to +70 operating temperature range, UV 400hrs, salt spray resistant and switches rated to 3 million operations.

    Can be installed both inside and outside, perfect for street, track and off-road use. 

    Note: Keypad ships with empty button inserts, inserts need to be selected and purchased individually. 1 x Link ECU Logo Button Insert included in box loose. 


    •CAN Configurable with G4X PC Link – Change LED backlight, individual button indicator ring colour, programmable to show change in status, flashing option, multiple modes including momentary, latched and toggle.

    •Customizable Button Inserts – The replacement system for individual inserts makes modifying the keypad layout simple and economical.

    •IP67/IP69K Waterproof rating – Guaranteed to be dust tight

    and sealed against water immersion to a depth of 1 meter for up

    to 1 hour. The IP69K rating provides protection against high

    pressure water at high temperature spray downs.

    •Compatible with all G4X ECU’s. Built-in support from G4X PC Link vers 6.22 onwards

    Box Contents:

    1 x 12 Button CAN Keypad

    1 x DTM4 Mating Connector Kit

    1 x Link Sticker

    1 x Keypad Button Insert – Link Logo

  • Specifications


    Connector - DTM4 Connector for CAN and Power (Black = Ground, Red = Power, White = CAN High, Blue = CAN Low)

    Switch Life - 3 million operations

    CANopen Node ID – 0x15 (21)

    Default Baud Rate - 1000kbit/s

    Ingress protection Rating – IP67/IP69K

    Chemical Resistance - Deet, Engine Cleaner, Isopropyl Alcohol, Suntan Lotion, Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Orange Citrus Cleaner, Muriatic Acid

    UV Protection - UVB 400 hours

    Salt Spray Per - ASTMB117

    Dimensions – 181.5mm (W) x 70mm (H)

    Mounting Specs:

    Mounting Stud Gap (Centre to Centre) 136.14mm

    Nuts thread: #10-32

    Maximum torque: 0.8Nm